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Majima Other Fan Art t Character Character Design and

Majima Other Fan Art t Character Character Design and


Majima Goro by BoneToDraw on DeviantArt Fan Art, Deviantart, Black Butler Kuroshitsuji, Cool

龍如詰め② [10]

Gang Road, Kuroshitsuji, Game Art, Badge, Concept Art, Videogames, Manga

Goro Majima (真 島 吾 朗) - A Handsome and Sexy Japanese Man!

Costume Design · Fanart · Video Games · Goro Majima (真 島 吾 朗) - Samurai! Body Reference, Comic Character

如くまとめ(腐) [11]

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 3998611, Ryuu ga Gotoku, Majima Goro, Fanart

The Majima Family spans a number of businesses, both legit and not so much. Goro Majima definitely looks the part of his self-proclaimed "businessman of .

Goro Majima (真 島 吾 朗) - A Handsome and Stylish Japanese Yakuza Male!

Calling it a day on this painting of Majima Goro from #Yakuza. Best character design ever!… https://t.co/986Wb2nwUJ"

little painting of majima and kiryu

龍ログ【ネタバレまくり】 [15]

Goro Majima

Manga Comics, Fairy Tail, Character Design, Fan Art, Video Games, Anime

5:04 PM - 26 May 2018


[Fan Art] Majima on Acrylic ...

majima goro by Madradiohead

Goro Majima - Characters & Art - Yakuza 5

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Enlarge / That's a bit of that Maji-magic right there.

In the Yakuza games, psychotic Goro Majima is known as "Mad Dog of Shimano" for good reason: He's violent and bonkers. He's also a fan favourite, ...

goro majima is my dad

Inktober day 21🐯🐶 Saejima is a big cat man and Majima is one of those small yippy chihuahuas . . . #ink #inktober #fanart #majimagoro #majima #saejima ...

Happy Valentines Day! 💕

... Fixed a bunch of lighting on the figure and BG so it reads more clear. Anyway have more Majima being sad about his caged pet life #majima ...

Majima meets Kiryu

Goro Majima Voted Favorite Ryu Ga Gotoku / Yakuza Series Character | The Otaku's Study

Amazon.com: Yakuza Kiwami 2: SteelBook Edition - PlayStation 4: Sega of America Inc: Video Games

Dynasty Yakuza by SilverMonki ...


Majima, my favourite character from yakuza 😎 I literally can't stop painting 🎨😂 #majima #majimayakuza #majimagoro #yakuza #yakuzagame #painting ...

Yakuza 6 review - a new beginning and a fitting end for Sega's great series • Eurogamer.net

Let's Play Yakuza Kiwami Part 70 - Settling the Score with Majima

Lol MGS and Yakuza crossover Majima seems more like Ocelot actually.


a friendly memo to the majima family offices

Game of the Year: Yakuza Zero

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[Commission] Goro Majima by grotesqueriequeen on DeviantArt

Yakuza_Happy birthday Majima! by elf-saiyan-girl ...

Kazuma Kiryu ...

This screenshot from Yakuza Kiwami shows side character Majima climbing up out of a manhole on


Headgear Human behavior Cartoon Clip art - Goro Majima png download - 341*750 - Free Transparent Clothing png Download.

Photo via @njikeartist

Portrayed by: Goro Kishitani (live-action film)

Rachel N 🎃y 👻

Majima Goro - Mosaic by Yakuza Fan

A new fan art on one of my fiercest obsessions, Yashiro, the protagonist of “Twittering birds never fly”. Well, this manga is labeled as yaoi, ...

Persona 5's Ann dressed as Majima.

Majima Axl by AxlReigns ...

A chibi majima from yakuza!

Playable Characters

Watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi so I had to draw Kylo Ren. Most

「五月吾朗」MAYJIMA: A Majima a Day for May! Day Twenty

Yakuza-Ryu-Ga-Gotoku-wallpaper-2-700x359 Top 10 Yakuza

6:25 PM - 6 Sep 2018

Image is loading MIDORO-Goro-Majima-Bust-Model-Kits-Unpainted-Resin-

... Thumbnail for version as of 12:01, February 18, 2013

Exploration once again plays an integral part in Kiwami 2, and both locations will be familiar to series veterans in the form of Tokyo's Kamurocho and ...

Yakuza Kiwami Free DLC Outlined [Yakuza Fan]

A group picture of madness, christmas gift art for a good friend. I'

The Majima Family Women's Relaxed Fit T-Shirt Front

BurpDoodle: Majima being cheesy, sweet, charming and awesome 80′s style [

Yes...the two pictures above shown the type of "conversation style" that I don't find them interesting. Just a frame moving from one character to ...

💄🌟Inktober day 20🌟💄 ✨girls night✨ . . . #ink #fanart #inktober #yakuza #goromi #majimagoro #majima #kiryu #kiryukazuma

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Majima

Merman Majima -Yakuza- by DontTrust ...

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 8479989, Ryuu ga Gotoku, Majima Goro, Kiryuu

Jo Amon

「五月吾朗」MAYJIMA: A Majima a Day for May!! Day

Amazon.com: Yakuza Kiwami - PlayStation Hits - PlayStation 4: Sega of America Inc: Video Games

Majima Goro Yakuza Tattoo A-Line Dress Front

#majima medias

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BurpDoodle: Majima Everywhere System So I didn't think I would like this character

The Majima Family by Deekman

24-hour Cinderella by YouAreReadingThis ...


Kazuma Kiryu

Wot I Think: Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 Review


The Majima Family by Yakuza Fan

... Goro Majima 🎉👹 #drawing #sketch #art #illustration #doodle #digitaldrawing

Yakuza-Ryu-Ga-Gotoku-wallpaper-2-700x359 Top 10 Yakuza



As one might expect of the Yakuza franchise, Yakuza 0 also features an extremely detailed fighting system to complement its narratives.

Goro Majima back tattoo.jpg

image 0

... #yakuzakiwami #yakuzakiwami1 #yakuzakiwami2 #yakuza3 #yakuza4 #yakuza5 #yakuza6 #songoflife #shimano #maddog #dojima #dragon #kiryu #majima #akiyama