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M37 HMC 105 mm GMC pin by Paolo Marzioli Desenhar t

M37 HMC 105 mm GMC pin by Paolo Marzioli Desenhar t


M60 Patton of the main production series, in exercises in the 1960s.

WW2 Tank: TIGER 2 with a porche hull design

M3 Stuart Satan flamethrower tank

T42 medium tank of 1948. An early replacement for the M26 Pershing, this vehicle was of lighter weight at 36 tons. But it was undone by an underpowered ...

... light tank-Amphibious capability was important to the Red Army, as evidenced by the production of over 1,500 amphibious tanks in the 1930s. The T-40 was ...

Captured Half Track T19 tank destroyer, equipped with the 47 mm derived from the British QF 6-pounder

M18 Super Hellcat with 90mm AT gun

French HMC M8 self propelled howitzer, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Leopard Prototyp der Arbeitsgruppe B (Leopard Proto B) - Leopard prototype B is the

Allied Tanks and Combat Vehicles of World War II: US Armor Interwar Years II

Download wallpaper picture, heavy, Soviet, self-propelled gun free desktop wallpaper in the resolution 1680x1050 — picture №447085

Illustration of some softskin vehicles used by Afrika Korps forces Ww2 Tanks, Military Art,

KSP-76 - Soviet prototype of wheeled tank destroyer armed in 76,2 mm gun ZiS-3

Heavy self-propelled gun ISU-152 / ciężki działo samobieżne ISU-152

Heavy self-propelled gun SU-152 / ciężkie działo samobeżne SU-152

Panhard-Legere AML-30 4x4 1966

Resultado de imagem para T-35

GMC open cab slat bed

Panther, Military Vehicles, Wwii, Tanks, German, Deutsch, World War Ii

An American self-propelled howitzer M7 "Priest" (105 mm HMC M7)

TRACK-LINK / Gallery / M31 (T2) Tank Recovery Vehicle

Light tank T-26 Model 1938 / czołg lekki T-26 Model 1938

Artilharia automotriz Desenhado Papéis de parede gratuito (63 fotos) para visão da família, baixar imagens

Stingray light tank (1984)

6359 Soviet SU-100 Tank Destroyer

Image result for tank battles

BT-2 Armato con un cannone da 37mm e una mitragliatrice DTda 7,62 mm,

WWII Churchill Infintry Tank | Tanks | Pinterest | Guerra, Infanteria y Historia militar

Tanque ligero M24 Chaffee.

Vietnam War Photos, Vietnam History, North Vietnam, War Photography, Korean War,

铁血网提醒您:点击可查看大图 Tanque, Arte Militar, Veículos

SdKfz 10 Ukraine 1943 Ww2 Tanks, Military Equipment, Armored Vehicles, Colour Schemes,

Self-propelled gun ISU-122 / działo samobieżne ISU-122

Pin de Francisco Izquierdo en wz 34 II | Pinterest | Militar, Tanques y Guerra

Conflito, História Militar, 101st Divisão Aerotransportada, Banda De Irmãos, Fotos Das Forças