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Korrasami classe t Korra Legend of korra and Avatar

Korrasami classe t Korra Legend of korra and Avatar


Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Mako, Korra, Tonraq, Asami, Korrasami

Legend of Korra: korrasami snapchats

Korrasami <3 Avatar Series, Team Avatar, Korra Avatar, Avatar The Last

The Legend of Korra: Korra faces then and now

This is perfect modern korrasami

Korra and Asami enjoy a date in this Legend of Korra comic preview

Master of all four elements…ish… Korra Avatar, Team Avatar, Water Tribe

Korrasami with kids | Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra | Pinterest | Korrasami, Korra and Avatar

Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars Issue #1 - Read Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars Issue #1 comic online in high quality

Legend of Korra: jinora and Kai! The shipping is real!!

Naga and Korra 6/10 Korra Comic, Aang, Korra Avatar, The Legend

Korrasami (one-shots)

Legend of Korra Snapchats | by beroberos | Taken by bolin, korra and asami,

Legend of Korra: Korra and Naga

Legend of Korra - Asami and Korra <3 Team Avatar, Korra Avatar,

Legend of Korra: I'm glad to see Asami and Korra are still friends :)

Korra x Mako by jarudoanim.deviantart.com on @deviantART

That Korra smirk never changed Aang, Korra Avatar, Team Avatar, Asami Sato,

My First Queer: Adventure Time and The Legend of Korra - The Fandomentals

All images from Nickelodeon's "The Legend of Korra"

BNC CataList updated their website with “The Legend of Korra, part 2” synopsis and information. Check this out:

[No Spoilers]Don't Underestimate Asami by peach-mork ...

korra comics 1

Despite four seasons together, it's hard to find them all in the same picture. Tight group my butt.

We'd both have gotten pink stars, you know? So this was viscerally upsetting for us to see and think about as now being a part of the Avatar -verse.

A show for kids that aired its final season entirely online may not only be the most subversive television event of the year, but it could have the power to ...

I liked Korra from the get-go. “I'm the avatar! You guys deal with it!” That's her motto and her first line. It instantly told us who she was and how she ...

Avatar Aang taking down Yakone. Was amazing to see Aang all grown up and kicking

The Gaang by http://anyeka.tumblr.com/ Avatar Ang,

Dumbledore and Kya are gay & The Great Pandering Dilemma - The Fandomentals

Share · Tweet. You've probably noticed our Legend of Korra ...

I feel like I keep tooting my own analysis's horn, but think about the emotions at play behind that moment (warning, I wrote another novel):

But it wasn't a fanfic of Avatar, it was a fanfic of itself. I call that the Doctor Who effect.

turf wars featured ...

... download Avatar: The Legend of Korra image

Korra represents ancient spiritual wisdom where Asami represents modern technological innovation. Korra (as the Avatar) is the champion of the downtrodden, ...

Jealous page 3 (korrasami) by JustiCmo ...



MY Legend Of Korra

legend of korra

Sato Asami download Sato Asami image

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Korra 8

The Power of Korra's Healing Arc

... Legend of Korra · Avatar Kyoshi's New YA Novel Duology Might…Be Good?

Fandomentals+ Presents: New Korra Comics Podcast

Just imagine Asami's internal monologue when Wu was hitting on her, or when she was waiting for Korra to finish meditating in Zaofu.

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... download Avatar: The Legend of Korra image

Korrasami Love Story: High School AU *DISCONTINUED*

He dies and is resurrected in the new reincarnation of the Avatar. We hear a baby crying and Korra opens her eyes.

Pema's role is minor in general. The one scene these two women have with each other, they spend… talking about baby cramps.

[No Spoilers] Avatar Eyes ...

If anybody can adequately explain to me what happened in this scene, I'll

Korra had the same creators as Avatar. They had a great new avatar who stood out big time and captured my heart. Team Avatar seemed natural.

Seriously, those two are cuter than a box full of lesbian kittens.

Heaven help me he was scary, though.

Asami's Heart (legend of korra fanfic) (girlxgirl)

Anyone else dream of how incredible an Avatar video game could be?

No ...

Avatar: Legend of Korra; American animation

Originally Posted by Kiiratam ...

The Waterbender's Love and the Mechanic's Passion (Korrasami fanfiction)

Avatar: The Legend of Korra images Rich Girls HD wallpaper and background photos

Shyamalan is commenting on the sequel to Unbreakable, not TLA 2. Very shortly after, he simply explains that ATLA has a structure from which one could ...

(ABS MEP) KORRA & ASAMI – “Only know you love her when you let her go”

(The image that really got me thinking about the change since the birth of Kyoshi to now)

THIS show I might have watched.

#legend of genji

Not the only noticeable difference between the two.

Sucks to have been her!

#legend of genji

Korra displays an ignorant and insensitive attitude towards the disaffected nonbenders. In the third episode, we see more of the criminal gangs that use ...

Korra as she appears in Book 4.


... download Avatar: The Legend of Korra image

But yeah, I am totally with you on Asami's luck. Being a pariah due to her jailed father's actions, trying to save a failing company, getting pulled along ...

I have no idea why, but I always love quiet scenes where one girl is doing another's hair - not for an event, just having a relaxing, intimate moment.

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Bolin and Wei (Fanfiction)

Fan ContentI compulsively ...

Korrasami (oneshots)