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A French soldier eating soup ca 1915 He39s a 1st class soldier with

A French soldier eating soup ca 1915 He39s a 1st class soldier with


A french soldier at sentry duty, 1915. Note how long is the Lebel Rifle mod. 1886. The Lebel was the longest rifle to be used during the…

British soldiers cook in France in February 1915: The meals that fuelled the soldiers to

German soldiers on outpost duty share their food with Belgian orphans. Antwerp, 1915.

An American soldier dressed for a gas attack during World War I circa 1916.

Portuguese soldiers in the First World War 1914-1918

Food during the First World War

WWI, 1915, Italian officer Peppino Ciabattoni in Venice, before returning to the front. Color by Fréderic Duriez.

Gun & Fez & Waffle French soldier circa 1916

An Autochrome of French soldiers during the First World War.

Austrian soldier with defence shield, Galicia, WW1.

French Army : 2 engineers with their field equipment, probably in the early months of

French soldiers of the 134th Infantry Regiment with Gras Model 1874 rifles, c. 1914

Much of this influence can still be seen today in menus at various New York diners either opened or purchased after the war by returning black and white ...

Here is a collection of incredible colorized photos showing everyday life of French soldiers from 1914-1918, during the First World War.

A Japanese soldier kneels before a fallen comrade, Siege of Tsingtao, World War I.

Battle to feed tommy, ww1, world war one, world war one food,

The sudden calm after the storm : a French soldier in a conquered trench right after the assault. You can see the body of a German soldier who died at his ...

WW1 French soldiers who distinguished themselves in combat at Saint Folquin in northern France, including Fusilier Limbi and Fusilier Marin, September 1917

French soldiers eating soup on march (LOC) - Stock Image

French soldiers buy newspapers in Rexpoede on 6 September.

A group of French soldiers on leave, East Railway Station, Paris. January 1916. French soldiers, called 'Poilu' meaning hairy, did not have to deal with the ...

Paris France, The Soldier, British Soldier, Streets Of Paris, French Army,

Here is a collection of incredible colorized photos showing everyday life of French soldiers from 1914-1918, during the First World War.

M1917: A group of American soldiers pose with a M1917 Browning machine gun, c. 1917.

French Soldiers 1915

French poileau infantry at Verdun Wilhelm Ii, Kaiser Wilhelm, Ww1 Art, Military Art

World War I WWI WW1 French Soldier with grave markers, ...

British soldier with fixed bayonet, First World War, 1914-1918.

Le 4 septembre 1915 . Leintrey (devant). Casse-croûte dans la tranchée Fonds des Albums Valois - Département de la Meurthe-et-Moselle - Volume 22 Cote : VAL ...

World War I, France, 1915. The ruins of Carency seen from a former

"A former Japanese POW, now an Emancipation League member in an Eighth Route Army

French soldier with Lebel Model 1886 rifle Ww1 Pictures, World War One, First World

French soldiers eat soup at a police station in Neuvilly on December 7, 1915 .

Soldiers from the Princess Pats pose in a trench during the First World War (PPCLI Archive and Museum)

B-Company, 1st Battalion Scots guards in the 'Big Willie' trench at the Battle of Loos, 1915. –– David Doughty (@DavidWDoughty) | Twitter

A Poilu wearing a sheepskin jerkin, stands in a shelter made of sandbags. Nieuwpoort,Belgium, c 1915. -WW1 colorized photos - Album by gilber on Imgur

Indian Army soldiers eating chapadies at a camp in New Forest, October 1914. © IWM (Q 53367)

A common scene across the battlefields of Europe. Exhausted soldiers sleeping, (in this case Germans).

French troops returning from Fort de Vaux in Vaux-Devant-Damloup, Meuse, to the area of Nixèville on April 8, 1916, in one of a stunning series of ...

French soldiers of the 370th Infantry Regiment eat soup during the battle of the Aisne in

French army uniforms, World War One, 1914. Sadly the red trousers made them easy targets until that was changed.

Gilbert Rogers painted this picture of twostretcher-bearers trying to prepare hot food.

Brousseau, 1915. French soldiers were affectionately known as Poilu or Hairy by the French

German Uhlan, posing with his sword. Uhlans were members of cavalry units. First

FELDKAPPE - Cloth Headgear of the Austro-Hungarian Army

Life of a French soldier in First World War revealed in stark images

British Troops in Bombproof Shelter, Dardanelles Campaign - 1915 Troops, Wwii, World War

This is a great, clean example of the World War II French

Positional warfare / French 1915 History / World War One / France. Marne): “Avant l'assaut” (French infantry wait in their trenches for the order to attack) ...

Trench Soup (1915) Topic: Army Rations. For pudding Tommy Atkins boils a few biscuits to a pulp, strains off the water, and serves with jam.

Photographs show British and German soldiers with pets in WW1 France

... the French Army. See more. Des photographies colorisées des soldats de la Première Guerre Mondiale (image)

Tampon P2 gas mask with complementary Bertrand-type goggles, used in September and October 1915 by the French army. It used castor oil to fight …

French soldier carrying munitions for the Crapouillot 58mm trench mortar

World War I. In a French trench (Meuse, France). In December. Illustration depicting dead German soldiers ...

20 August A French soldier being treated for an eight-month-old injury to the humerus.

British Soldiers - ww1 Machine Gun Corps 1272 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Casque Adrian 1915 Artillery Helmet. WWI French Army Helmet. First World War Memorabilia. French Militaria. War Helmet

WWI, Somme area, 1916; A French black colonial soldier wearing a gas mask

French soldiers of the Infantry Regiment eat soup during the battle of the Aisne in Rare WWI color photograph made with an Autochrome Lumière technique.

WWI, German soldiers. German troops waiting for orders. Normandy, France. Paratrooper, Luftwaffe, Ww2 History

Kitchen facilities in the trench used during the First World War in the Main de Massiges

Sikh and Indian soldiers with drawn swords, France, ca. 1915. The sword

Chaplain Edward Oliver Clark, Class of 1915

Military Uniforms During the Seven Years War

Battle of Albert. Officers of the Royal Engineers in a communication trench. Rearmost officer

French Postcard, WWI “O, France, our mother, never forgets to dry our tears.” A very young-looking soldier from a French African colony is encouraged by a ...

As always, our rations are fresh from the grocer's shelf, so they not only look authentic, they constitute a real meal.

The Great War in colour: Incredible photographs of World War I | Daily Mail Online

Bishop's Footman ...

Canadians play a game of cards in a shell hole in 1917.

Wounded French Soldier on the French Front During World War I in April 1916

French soldiers in the trenches eating their rations France 1915 - Stock Image

Stock Photo - A French colonial 75 mm gun in action near Sedd el Bahr during the Third Battle of Krithia, 4 June 1915 Dardanelles Expedition, ...

Belgian forced labourers in Munsterlager, Germany, 1916. "

Robert Barron · Army

ww1 field kitchen - Google Search World War One, First World, Gallipoli Campaign,

What would the appearance of references to soup-tureens and silk handkerchiefs in a phrasebook have meant to a soldier of Kitchener's army brought up in a ...

A French soldier displaying a regulation infantry dress at the Army Clothing Department at Vanves, 28 December The moustache isn't regulation but definitely ...

Wounded British prisoners on their way to Mons station to be transported to Germany, 1914.

From Ypres to Syria: why poison gas haunts us still | David Olusoga | Opinion | The Guardian

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Illustration. Officers of the One Hundred and ...

St Mihiel Campaign - The US First Army goes into battle

NAS Pensacola

U.S. Marines in France depart for their camps, ca. 1917-1919. Photo by U.S. Army Signal Corps. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Slide 4 of 31: A French soldier has his lunch in front of a damaged

Chilworth workers before the war (Surrey Archaeological Society collections ref 337/1)

A Short History of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Soldiers in World War I (1917-1919)

Technical reference table Generally speaking russian army fought the great war without any kind of helmets, except a little quantitative of French Adrian ...

A soldier from the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment places a flag at a headstone at Arlington National Cemetery. (Reuters/Kevin Lemarque)