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39Space Hearts39 by Pater Sato Paper Moon Graphics t Art

39Space Hearts39 by Pater Sato Paper Moon Graphics t Art


This is aRare Hand Signed limited edition Lithograph "Space Stirs ", by Pater Sato. From an early age he was interested in art and theatre.


'Models' ~ by Pater Sato. Find this Pin and more on Paper Moon Graphics ...

Peter Sato

Pater Sato 80s Design, Paper Moon, Pop Art, Airbrush Art, Sculpture Art

'Atomic Lady' by Pater Sato (1980) Airbrush Art, Paper Moon,

'Space Hearts' by Pater Sato (1980) 80s Design, Paper Moon,

Pater Sato Paper Moon, 80s Punk, Retro Futurism, Retro Pop, Vintage Paper

Pater Sato in Penthouse, January 1980 (and more) Pater Sato was a Japanese artist who created airbrush art for magazines.

Peter Palombi

1980s Art, 80s Design, Airbrush Art, 80 S, Heart Shapes, Retro

Montxo Algora 1980s Art, Airbrush Art, Retro Art, Pulp Art, 80 S

poster invitation for opening of an era | via Felicidad ~ Cityhaüs Design

Peter (Pater) Sato, poster for an exhibition of original works, 1980 Japanese

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Here is 'Chic' the sexy brunette by Pater Sato, who was one of

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Monk; Archer

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Ruth Lewis, granddaughter of the artist Martin Lewis

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Cristofano di Michele Robetta, Adoration of the Magi, 15th/16th Century, Engraving

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"Writing for the trade" sometimes only delays the worst impulses of serial fiction, instead of replacing them with the worst impulses of longer fiction.

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Sombrero Galaxy composite image from Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes

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Posted: Mon Feb 13 10:01:39 UTC 2017

Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth - Boogie in 1980s South Africa - Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery

After Hours: Photos by Mark Broyer

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Heng Lamps By Zanwen Li

Posted: Mon Feb 13 10:01:39 UTC 2017

Landscape and Lake

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Sun Ra / The Cymbals / Symbols Sessions: New York City 1973

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Noriko Ambe, Linear actions cutting projects voyage 4 2003

TOWMMB RotioHMn't Benevoctation - PDF

Miroslaw Balka, Entering Paradise 2003

Japanese Photography Artistes Divers, Off-Visual Quartery Magazine. vol 1 1973

Image: Luca Limatola, Budeanu Cosmin Mirel ...

James Pearson Duffy, (Untitled, view of intersection at Michigan Avenue and 29th Street

RAY KINNEY 'Idol of the Islands' OP MEM. JICAL ROOK.:ZAL LifikARY. and his Hawaiian Musical Ambassadors. Currently on Theater. - PDF

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Picture by @simonmigaj from Unsplash

Landscape No. 5

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Noboyoshi Araki, Senchimentaru no Tabi. (Sentimental Journey). 1971

Nathan ...

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Discover 39 coffee recipes from around the world through this illustrated poster by SweeTooth Design. The diagram shows how different coffee drinks from ...

'Mice officers arc different than more. TOWMMB RotioHMn't Benevoctation - PDF

Sunrise on Mercury

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39 | World Food Books

Carl Andre, Art-Siegelaub, Xerox Book 1968

Page 1


The Bathers

Frankie ...

Captain Cardoni - Maramao

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Alois Auer, Die Entdeckung des Naturselbstdruckes oder die Erfindung etc. 1854

Self Portrait

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'Apollo Null' Tasks You With Doing Math in Space. '

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Country_ 5 Opryland Wing Goes For Talent Packages SEVERED TES -Producer Tom Collins is speechless. 39 ...

Mineralien | Eine Grosskornige Meteoreisn-Breccie von Copiapo. | 1864 | Zucker Art Books

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Thomas Cole